About us

Proency is a software company that provides companies and organizations with a real-time mental health monitor that helps employees track their mental health, fatigue and cognitive workload. Managers access a mental health dashboard to monitor employees’ average mental health, fatigue and the likelihood of burnout. Having a mental health overview is vital to reduce employee turnover and accidents caused by fatigue and improve productivity.

The founders

We are a software company that believes in creating a solution that will increase awareness to mental health and improve well-being and performance.

Proency was founded in 2018 by a psychologist and an engineer, Sigrún and Stefnir. They created a software solution to help companies and organizations take care of and enhance the mental health of their employees. The solution is based on evidence-based methods. Sigrún Þóra is a psychologist and a PhD student in psychology, she has experience with work-related stress in companies and organizations. Including working as the psychologist for the Icelandic police. Stefnir is an engineer specializing in systems analysis, control and modelling and has worked with various engineering companies.

Our Mission

It is our mission to be the number one provider in the world of analytical models to measure and predict mental health.

Our Vision

We believe in creating a solution that will increase awareness and access to mental health, as well as improve well-being and performance.