Well-being at work

Making well-being accessible and available for everyone

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The beta version of our software solution will be live autumn 2019

Our software solution includes:

Psychological evaluation

Systematic psychological assessment of mental health of the employees, with the use of AI and psychological tests. We do so by presenting variable number of questions, all according to the needs and requirements of each customer.

Overall assessment and consulting

Managers are given access to the software platform, where they gain insight into the overall assessment of the mental health of their employees. We also offer consulting on how to interpret the overall assessment.

Psychological tools and methods

Included with the software is access to tools and methods that research has shown that maintain and improve mental health. The employees will receive personalized guide on the methods that match their results from the assessment.

The numbers behind the importance of mental well-being at a workplace

1 %

About 27% of individuals in Iceland say they are under too much stress


It is estimated that 620,000 working days are lost annually in Iceland due to mental health problems

1 %

More than 42% of individuals in Iceland believe that the workload is too high

Business benefits from mental health promotion include fewer sickdays, higher productivity, lower employee turnover, and increased innovation.

Mental distress at work negatively affects people’s ability to perform daily tasks and it is estimated that it reduces GDP by 3-4% per year.

Our goals

Our goal is to make psychological assessment and methods accessible and easy for everyone through software platform.

To give everyone the opportunity to:

Be aware of your own mental health and have positive affect your own well-being, maintain it and improve it as you go along.

It is our vision that everyone has the same opportunity to experience mental-well being. 

How can you improve mental well-being?


With regular practice of mindfulness it is possible to improve well-being, memory, concentration, engagement and productivity


By enhancing the resiliency against the stress of everyday life and challenges. Training in solution-oriented thinking and helpful breathing exercises.

Positive emotions

By increasing positive emotions one can improve the creativity and solution-oriented thinking of employees.

learned optimism

By learning and applying optimistic thinking, one can increase the ability to cope with stress on the job, gaining better relationships with staff and family.

Join us and be a part of improving well-being and productivity at your workplace

We offer services that are useful for all companies and organizations. Contact us and see if we can help your business take matters into your own hands and improve the well-being and productivity of your employees.

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