Well-being at work

Making mental health accessible and available for everyone

Mental health solution

We help companies and organizations take care of their employees mental health. By providing them with a digital solution with evidence-based assessment and tools.

Real-time mental health

Our solution has a real-time assessment for mental health both for individual employee and for managers with an overall mental health status.

Mental health tools

Employees have access to evidence-based tools to use in their daily lifes to enhance and maintain their mental health. With customized tips for each individual.

What research has shown about the importance of mental well-being at work

About 50% of sick leave is due to mental health problems

Mental well-being is connected to fewer sick days at work, lower turnover and higher performance

The ROI for mental health intervention at work is on average 4$ for every 1$

How can you improve mental well-being?


With regular practice of mindfulness it is possible to improve well-being, memory, concentration, engagement and productivity.


By learning and applying optimistic thinking, one can increase the ability to cope with stress on the job, gaining better relationships with staff and family.


By enhancing the resiliency against the stress of everyday life and challenges. Training in solution-oriented thinking and helpful breathing exercises.

Features of our solution


With mobile, tablet & desktop support it doesn't matter what device you're using. You will always be able to access your content


We take security seriously and your data is yours, we never share with your employer or any third party personal data


We provide support and are open to suggestions and are constantly improving and adding features

Add new questions/questionnaires

We support adding more questions or questionnaires

Manager level vs employee level

Managers and employees have separate levels of access and you are able to break down employees into smaller groups for better insight

We are always improving

The software is in beta version and we are constantly adding new functions

Join us and be a part of improving mental health and productivity at your workplace

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