Our Features

Personal dashboard

Your personal platform where you can assess your mental health regularly and access to evidence-based methods to maintain and enhance it. You can have insight into your mental health status, everything from stress, anxiety to well-being and positive emotions. With tailored-made advice for which methods suit you best to improve mental health as well as feedback on when to seek further help or assessment from a professional.
Access to evidence-based methods

You have access to over eight evidence-based methods as well as a mental training program that you can use any time in your daily life, everything from writing down your smart goals, monitoring your thoughts or listening to mindful meditations.
A Manager Dashboard

A dashboard with an overview of the mental health status of companies and organisations. Where you get real-time mental health data and can see changes over time on a timeline. As well as tailored recommendations depending on the results of the workplace.

Security is vital to us; therefore, we take no chances when it comes to security. Our security system ensures separation between your personal information and your mental health data. We both encrypt your data and remove all personal connection to it that we ensure that employers can't trace it back to you. Employers only have access to an overview of the mental health status of groups that are a minimum of 10 persons.

List of features

Feature Employees Managers
Personal dashbord
Dynamic information for individual mental health
Tailor made advice to improve mental health for individuals
Evidence-based methods to increase mental health
Timeline to see changes in mental health
Over 300 specialized mental health questions for 60+ categories
Real-time overview of mental health of the workplace
Guidelines in mental health promotion for managers
Personal recommendation for managers based on mental health results
Options for users to change language: English or Icelandic
Responsive, working on mobile, tablet and desktop